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Services' Value

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Financial Partners’ ongoing services put you at the centre of everything we do. We recognise that clients enjoy a multichannel approach to the delivery of services that they may choose to use at their discretion. Over time, we have carefully crafted the following:

Personal Touch: regular face-to-face strategic review meetings with your adviser

Media: weekly and monthly market e-newsletters, keeping you up to date at your convenience

Seminars: regular events where you can meet a range of professionals who are at the forefront of their field within the financial services industry

Online Data: online valuations and analytical evaluations of your balance sheet

Our services are tiered to accommodate the different needs determined by clients’ wealth. For example, the Diamond service provides solutions for high net worth clients and the opportunity for “personal touch” meetings typically scheduled with our very best advisers, Wealth Managers. Each service category has the benefit of all of the lower service options, too. For example, our Sapphire clients can also utilise the Execution Only service, allowing them transact without seeking or receiving advice from their adviser. Likewise, Diamond clients can attend any of our concept seminars.

To meet with your professional wealth manager, please contact us on