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International Pensions

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Financial Partners provides advice on the creation and maintenance of international pension plans for companies and individuals who are resident and working outside their home country. These generally include QROPS and IS&P funds, which are outlined below.

International pension structures provide a bespoke solution to house assets within a single jurisdiction irrespective of the mobility required of the company or individual. They ensure:

  • Asset protection
  • Succession availability
  • Effective investment strategies and flexibility
  • Access flexibility
  • Tax efficient accumulation and retirement strategies relevant to a member's host country and ultimate country of repatriation

Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS)

  • QROPS creates a transfer opportunity for UK expatriates who are likely to remain offshore for the rest of their lives.
  • QROPS creates a transfer opportunity for UK non-domiciles who accumulated a domestic pension whilst employed in the UK.

There are significant financial benefits for effective QROPS planning, which generally ensure improved investment growth, greater control of investments and the shape and timing of retirement benefits, and future financial security of the transferred pension (e.g. passing over tax-free lump sum benefits in the event of death).

Financial Partners has access to multiple QROPS solutions that include jurisdictions such as Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

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IS&P Funds

The International Superannuation and Pension (IS&P) fund is a simple, flexible and effective employer-sponsored retirement plan for globally mobile individuals. It is particularly applicable for UK and Australian expatriates with world-wide assets to consolidate into a single structure prior to entering a host country.

Assets accumulated eliminate the burden of host country regulations, planning restrictions and taxation.

This scheme provides creditor asset protection and excellent estate planning opportunities.

It is suitable for citizens of a particular country planning to return to their home country after a period of time overseas.

Members may be currently employed by a company or self-employed.

These schemes are designed to provide for retirement, which may mean that benefits are available at:

  • Reaching retirement age
  • Retiring from gainful employment
  • Ceasing employment with the sponsoring employer
  • Death or permanent disability

Financial Partners offer solutions and have been advising on employer sponsored retirement planning since 1992. The IS&P plan is particularly applicable to the UK or Australian expatriate.

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