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Group Benefits

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Your staff is the most important asset of your company. Attracting and retaining good staff can mean the difference between success and mediocrity; this makes it essential to have effective HR strategies. Often, employers forge effective strategies by opting to provide additional employment benefits, including insurance. The cost per unit of insurance benefits is generally less expensive if insurance is arranged as part of a group scheme, as opposed to offering separate individual schemes to staff.

Financial Partners can advise on how best to fund the cost of group schemes by considering an individual company’s unique needs, tax situation and cash flow.


Group Medical Schemes

Medical costs are expensive and, very often, come when they are least expected. Employers want their staff in good physical condition, making visits to the doctor essential. Medical insurance policies may cover a variety of costs, ranging from a local doctor’s expenses to emergency evacuation. More than this, however, insurance provides peace of mind for staff, so that they know that if something does happen, they are covered, even if it is just the flu.

The benefits of medical plans vary greatly, as do their costs and claim payment method. As a reputable broker, Financial Partners is experienced in tailoring the right group medical scheme for a broad range of companies.

Group Life, Critical Illness and Disability

Like group medical insurance, other group schemes including life, critical illness and disability insurances are cost effective and provide the insured with reassurance and peace of mind.

Whilst employee and companies are generally familiar with life and disability insurance, critical illness insurance is less understood. Critical illness insurance pays out for life-threatening ailments including (but not limited to) cancer, heart attacks and strokes. Statistically, 25% of us will experience a critical illness during our working lives; fortunately, most of us will survive.

So Critical Illness cover is needed, not because you are going to die but because you are likely to live. 

Many employers provide group life coverage; fewer, however, provide critical illness coverage, giving your company an opportunity to differentiate itself from other employers. Critical illness coverage need not be expensive; Financial Partners is experienced in ensuring that the costs of group schemes remain within your budget.

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