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Financial Partners provides the 'best of breed' financial services to individuals and small to medium-sized businesses. We are a fast moving company and need smart, vibrant and energetic people to join us.

As a growth company we place considerable importance on our corporate values. We encourage our employees to fully embrace these values and incorporate them into their daily working life as a "culture of excellence":

  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • High work ethic
  • Achievement
  • Compliance
  • Teamwork

We are looking for experienced and aspiring Wealth Managers

Our aim is to continue building our brand as one of the most highly regarded brands in the offshore IFA industry. For this reason we're looking to attract the best and those aspiring to be the best, with a credible track record in financial planning / wealth management and have developed or wish to develop a sustainable model.

For inexperienced individuals we will only consider those with exceptional qualities to embark on our renowned ‘Acorn to Oak’ training program.

Support staff

From time to time we are looking for additional support staff ranging from administrators, customer relationship managers through to para-planners.

Why consider joining Financial Partners?

For over 30 years Financial Partners has been providing outstanding benefits to its advisers.

Our advisers tell us that since joining Financial Partners they have learned more than they thought was possible and have significantly more time to spend with clients.

This is because we provide all-embracing support that includes:

  • An integrated Fact Find and ongoing client service Strategic Reviews: Our client relations processes comply with high regulatory standards and risk management, yet they still manage to derive enjoyable, productive client meetings.
  • Core Model Portfolios: This will save you hours of research time for both lump sum and regular premium investments as we have already done it. Financial Partners outsources its ‘core’ asset allocation to a FCA licensed, boutique asset allocator in the city of London.
  • Extensive product range: Our investment committee vets all products available for your clients. In order to provide true balance sheet management, we offer products from over 200 leading brands ranging from general insurance, life and critical illness insurance, investment linked assurance schemes, open architecture wrap accounts, private banking, mandatory provident schemes and a vast selection of funds and cash-like products.
  • ‘Trusted Adviser’ concept: As the world becomes more globalised, it is not possible for any one adviser to know all the answers and have all the licenses necessary to adequately advise the all clients they meet. We provide a support network, both internally and externally, so that you may have collaborative access to resources for your more complicated clients and cases, e.g. Australian onshore products, High Net Worth balance sheet management and corporate.
  • Licenses: We hold Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission, Confederation of Insurance Brokers and Mandatory Provident Fund Authority licenses.
  • FP Academy: We believe that successful advisers need to be continually learning at a greater rate than the pace of change. Whether you are experienced or otherwise, Financial Partners’ training programs are renowned for adding significant value. FP Academy’s training starts with our induction program that consists of fifteen practical and theoretical modules delivered during a boot-camp-style week and a follow up period.

Successful candidates who take advantage of Financial Partners’ offer will, one day, likely be regarded as one of Hong Kong’s leading wealth managers and enjoy financial security:

  • Flexible approach to how clients want to pay: Your clients may drive how they want to pay your fees. They can choose fees, commission or a combination thereof for your upfront advice and ongoing services.
  • Multiple sources of recurrent income: Over the years our investment committee has negotiated additional sources of recurrent income. This is at no additional cost to clients, ensures advisers do not overly rely on initial commission and can enjoy significant ‘sticky’ income.
  • Integrate as a team: Enjoy participating in fun based competitions, conventions and team bonding events. And in time successful employees become shareholders.

If this strikes a chord with you, please send us your CV at

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