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Asset Management

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“Asset allocation constitutes the most important step in portfolio construction, accounting for more than 90% of the variability in portfolio performance over time...”

G.P. Brinson, B.D. Singer, G.L. Bebower: Determinants of Portfolio Performance

“Individuals are more depressed with losses than they are satisfied with equivalent returns...”

2002 Economics Prize Winner Daniel Kahneman

These renowned quotations follow in the footsteps of Harry Markowitz, the grandfather of “efficient portfolios”, who recognised that investors’ requirements evolve around achieving positive investment returns without excessive volatility or risk. Achieving this is the challenge!

Different asset classes such as equities, bonds and cash have different characteristics, meaning that they respond differently to changing economic scenarios. These differences allow for the creation of complementary asset allocation combinations with appropriate risk and return profiles.

Benefits of Expanding the Opportunity Set

Source: Momentum Asset Management International

By combining assets that vary in response to the forces that drive markets, more efficient portfolios can be created. The introduction of alternative low correlation assets also reduces the risk of very adverse outcomes without reducing expected returns. This significantly improves the robustness of performance, increasing the confidence our clients can have in the potential range of outcomes for their portfolios.

Financial Partners’ asset management

Going beyond pure asset allocation is the value Financial Partners brings to its clients. Offering core and satellite investment solutions and discretionary management services demands an experienced, team-based approach:

  1. A multi-jurisdictional investment committee that vets all products and services to ensure that Financial Partners continues to deliver the best-in-class products and services.
  2. A third-party asset allocator that is quantitative and qualitative driven, responsive, organised as a boutique firm, fully FCA licensed and based in the city of London.
  3. A Hong Kong-based independent compliance group that conducts regulatory standard due diligence on all products and services available to clients.
  4. Experienced wealth managers aim to generate the strongest possible risk-adjusted returns for each and every client, having regard to the client’s risk profile.

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